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EZY Climb Midget T Trail Cam Mount Review

Cranford Manufacturing TCam Trailcam Mount

EZY Climb Midget T Trail Cam Mount

CS Outdoors Overview (Field Tested by Cory Smith & Kyle Smith)
July and August are the primary months that most whitetail hunters start their trail cam surveillance for the season. Most of the bucks in the herd will have placed on enough antler growth in order to determine what deer have made it and which whitetail we will most likely be pursuing for the upcoming season.

Struggles of proper trail cam placement can become an issue for some hunters, especially if they are new to monitoring whitetails with trail cameras. Most hunters can remember battling through trail camera straps that wouldn’t tighten, that would break or that simple were forgotten in the truck. As well, most remember the frustration of the perfect trail cam location, only to not have a viable tree or post to place a trail camera on.

The Midget T Trail Camera Mount helps to alleviate a lot of these issue that many hunters can come across when determining a location for their trail camera. Novice “trail-camers” will find the Midget T mount to be an extremely resourceful tool and one that should be in ever outdoorsman’s pack.

Here is our review of the Midget T Trail Cam Mount from Cranford Manufacturing.

Out of all of the features that we like with the Midget T Mount, if we had to pick one that stands out with this product, it would most likely have to be the self tapping screw at the base of the unit. As with all of their product, Cranford Manufacturing is at the top of the game for providing a quality self tapping screw that makes their product easy to anchor and install in any wood surface. This self tapping feature is especially nice if you have ever had to battle with trying to tap in to a hard oak or old hedge post in order to get your screw in the tree. The Midget T Mount’s self tapping features makes installation a breeze in any wood surface.

The other features we like about this product are:
Size and Weight – The Midget T Mount’s size and weight are about as ideal as they come. At about 6 inches wide and high, they can fit in to any pack, and the weight of the product has zero baring for additional weight. It is a perfect size and weight to keep one handy in your pack year-round in case the need for one should arise.
Pivotal Ball Joint – The pivotal ball joint of the product makes adjusting and positioning your trail camera on your ideal focus area a breeze. With a 1/4-20 screw and additional 3/8-20 adapter for trail cams that have larger screw inserts, the pivotal ball joint will fit and hold just about any trail camera on the market.
Price – The price of the Midget T Trail Cam mount is super affordable for any budget. At or around $19.99 per mount, buying multiple Midget T mounts is a no brainer.

Some of the features we found to be an issue:
Stainless steel ball joint and locking screw – The only issue we have ever had with the Midget T Tail Cam Mount is a bit of rusting on the pivotal ball joint. Obviously proper storage and placement will help deter this in the winter months, however, it did become a small issue when left out in the elements. Depending on the amount of rust on the ball joint, the ball joint can be difficult to swivel and even lock with the locking screw. On one occasion we had the screw snap and had to by a new locking screw.
However, as we stated, this issue can absolutely be avoided with the proper storage and treatment.

All in all the Midget T Trail Cam Mount has become one of our go to products for trail cam surveillance. While me may not use one in ever trail cam location, we always have one available when we are making our trail camera rounds. For the cost and the amount of use, as well as the time they save with having to deal with trail cam straps, the Midget T Trail Cam Mount by Cranford Manufacturing is a must have for avid outdoorsmen and trail cam enthusiasts.

Cranford Manufacturing Store – Midget T Online Purchase Link

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