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Jared Hase’s 2020 Early Season Archery Whitetail

Hunter: Jared Hase
State: Missouri (Pike County)
Weapon: Archery

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Whitetail Story:

I honestly don’t know where to start! I want to give a big thanks to Mary Wilson for answering your phone last night and giving me advice. It means so much and thank you! I have passed this deer three times last year and found one side to him during shed season I can not believe how much horn he put on so crazy. I had this deer patterned and told myself first north wind you get I’m gonna be in a stand we put up where he was coming from and passing almost every evening! Wednesday September the 16th 2020 wind switched to northwest wind and my ass was in the tree and it all worked shot him at 7:20 at 10 yards!!! I still can’t believe it!! I wish my uncle mike was here to see this, I miss him so much I wanted to call you so bad. Love you uncle mike!! Second day of season my first hunt and got it done!!! That’s what you call raisen hell praisen Dale!! I also want to give a big shout out to Spencer Newton and Taylor Ruff for driving up and helping me find this buck. It made the moment even special!!!!!

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Publisher’s Note:
Quite possibly one of the most significant jumps in antler growth from one season to the next that we have ever seen from a free-range whitetail.

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