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Caldwell FieldPod Product Review

Caldwell Field Pod Photo

Caldwell FieldPod Product Review

CS Outdoors Overview (Field Tested by Cory Smith, Mike McIntyre, Jeff Wolf & Bo Davenport)
By far one of the most unique products on the market. The aluminum build makes the product lightweight and portable, yet durable and steady all at the same time. The product is one of the most useful products for developing and teaching youth hunters about steady, in-field shots. Beyond youth hunters, most avid hunters will find this product a must-carry hunting tool for hunting on the ground or long range shooting. The product is compact for carrying and quick to assemble for a quick, steady shot. The Caldwell FieldPod is by far one of CS Outdoors most favorite products.

One of the products most beneficial features is it’s lightweight aluminum build. All members of the field test found this feature to be a pleasant surprise when carrying it in the field. The FieldPod’s breakdown capabilities, along with it’s lightweight design offers hunters a hunting tool that doesn’t weigh you down and won’t be a burden to carry into the field.

The usability of the product comes in many forms. Again, all members of the field trial found this product to be extremely beneficial for youth hunters. Allowing youth a sturdy rest and proper gun alignment was incredibly beneficial for members teaching younger generations about the proper technique of a steady aim. It also allows those teaching the ability to focus on other aspects of the hunt, instead of having to hold or help aim the firearm for the youth.

We also used the product for long range shooting, as well as predator hunting in the field test. The product passed with flying colors, and quickly became a very useful tool in both occasions.

The only flaw of the product we came across was when one of the plastic locking snaps on the lags snapped off as we were climbing down a hill. A very minimal set back given the impact it took. Plus, Battenfield even sent us a free replacement for the part, which was an easy fix to bring the product back to new.

The compact breakdown process of the product took one of two trials to figure out, after a simple read of the directions, it became simple and very easy to breakdown. Once the process was memorized, it became a thoughtless process in the field and breakdown usually takes 20-30 seconds. The set up of the product is about the same time.

Pricing of the product is very fair, especially given the aluminum build of the frame. The value definitely exceeds the price on this product, and the durability of the design makes it a long lasting purchase for continued use throughout the years.

Product Specs & Info

  • Lightweight aluminum construction, weighs just 5 Pounds
  • Innovative design easily adjusts to any gun or crossbow, supporting both forend and stock
  • Quickly collapses for transportation
  • Adjusts form 20″ high up to 42″
  • Pivots up/down and rotates left/right for quick target acquisition
  • Durable cast aluminum hub for maximum stability and smooth movement
  • Great for: Ground Blinds, Predator Calling, Long Range Rifle Shooting and Turkey Hunting
  • Enhances success and safety for a beginner by supporting the weight of a gun and provides that extra stability and confidence for the experienced shooter to take a long shot.
  • Dual tube frame is fully compatibility with detachable magazine rifles like the popular AR


Product Video


$79.99 – $129.99 (sometimes less given seasonal sales)

Buy Online at:


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